Graduate : PhD. Student; Ankara University, Institute of Applied and Natural Sciences (still)
MSc.; Ankara University, Institute of Applied and Natural Sciences (2000-2002)
: Ankara University, Faculty of Engineering,Department of Geological Engineering (1995-2000)
: Ankara Arı High School



June 2009 – still : Geological Engineer
General Directorate of Mineral Res. and Expl (Maden Tetkik ve Arama Genel Müdürlüğü – MTA)., Dept. of Energy Raw Materials
 Positioned at the ?Fossil Fuel Exploration Section?.

  • ?Western Anatolia Neogene Basins Coal Exploration Project?; Role I: Sedimentologist ? Geological investigations for coal prospecting purposes between Afyon ? Uşak ? Burdur ? Denizli quadrangle; Revision of previous geological maps for coal exploration; Determine prospect areas for acquisition of new licenses; Preparation of geological reports for new license request from ?General Directorate of Mining Affairs (Maden İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü- MİGEM)? in addition to ?License Drop Reports? before leaving; Selection of drilling locations for the existing licenses; Coordination and audition of teams for core-logging and lignite sampling = Role II: ?Field Camp Supervisor?: Managing bureaucracy with local security forces and governors / mayors; Obtaining permission for drilling locations; Periodical reporting to general directorate; Contracting for vehicles and accommodation; Assurance of HSE measures near drilling locations; Acceptance of successfully completed bore-holes from private companies; Realize monthly progress payments.
  • ?Project of Radioactive Mineral Investigations for Eti Mine Works General Management [Eti Maden]?; Role I: Sedimentologist ? Geological investigations near Akköprü (Manisa) district by means of sedimentological logging, mapping and facies analyses from trenches; Prospection by ?gamma-ray spectrometers? to determine uranium and thorium depositional sequences; Compilation of previous geo-data and correlation with project gatherings; 3D basin modeling by Rockworks software = Role II: ?Field Camp Supervisor?: Managing bureaucracy with local security forces and governors / mayors; Obtaining permission for trenches; Periodical reporting to general directorate; Contracting for vehicles and accommodation; Realize monthly progress payments.
  • ?Eskişehir Neogene Basin Coal Exploration Project?; Role: Sedimentologist ? Geological investigation of basin margins and sediment infill for correlation purposes; Field mapping of sedimentary facies to specify drilling locations; Tracking of boreholes, simultaneous core-logging; Lignite sampling from cores.
2002 – June 2009 : Research Assistant
Ankara University, Faculty of Engineering, Dept. of Geological Engineering

  • Participant of on-going scientific research and technical projects within the department. Contribution mainly focused on in-situ data collection of sedimentary geology aspects, including sedimentological / stratigraphic logging, geological / facies mapping, systematic sampling in the field; in addition to realization of major sedimentological analyses at the laboratory and finally reporting and/or publishing.
  • Teaching assistance of courses:
    • Introduction to Topography and Maps
    •  Introduction to Geology (Geophysics Dept.)
    •  Introduction to Geology
    • Principles of Stratigraphy and Sedimentology
    • Field Geology
    • Geological Mapping In The Field
    • Sedimentary Petrography
    • Photogeology
June – August 2008 : Visiting Researcher
Deep-water Atlas Project; Statoil Research Centre – Trondheim, Norway
 The project is an in-house education and reference source within the company. It aims a knowledgebase that is built to improve information transfer between internal assets and research teams in addition to incorporate external research results. Compilation of ?selected publication headlines? and ?outcrop analogues?, development of ?interface algorithm? and visual design and presentations are Kırman?s contributions to the project.
Oct. ?05 – June ?06 : Visiting Researcher
Institutt for geovitenskap – Universitetet i Bergen, Norway
 Each year, project proposals of international researchers from different disciplines are reviewed and a number of projects are supported by ?Research Council of Norway?. In 2005, Kırman?s proposal as a member of ?Sedimentology of Paleogene Boyabat Basin (Northern Turkey) Project? is granted for eight months research at Bergen University, Norway.  The financial support addresses compilation of data collected (facies map, sedimentological logs, sedimentological / paleontological sampling) by Kırman in the field, under supervision of Professor Wojciech Nemec.
2000 – 2002 : Engineer / Partner
E-K Jeoloji Jeoteknik Müh. Müş. Dan. Ltd. Şti.; Geotechnical Services – Ankara
 Founding partner of geotechnical consultancy firm. Services included geological, hydrogeological surveys, geotechnical drilling, on-site / laboratory analyses, report writing and provision of geotechnical visa for construction purposes from authorized institutions (approval of Chamber of Geological Engineers and related municipalities)
1999 – 2000 : Part-Time Technical Staff
Mavi Müh. Müş. İnş. Tur. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.; Infrastructure Services – Ankara
Assisted preparation of feasibility and sheet-pile calculation reports. Maintained computer systems, contributed firm and project presentations, designed web pages and promotional media such as CD?s.
August – Sept. 1998 : Intern
State Statistics Institute, Remote Sensing Division, Ankara
Assisted ?Investigation of Land Usage and Agricultural Prospects By Remote Sensing? project
1996 – 2000 : Student Staff
Ankara Univ., Research Centre for Rivers, Lakes and Seas – Ankara
Undergraduate student participant of the research centre; Coordinator of undergraduate student activities as well as contribution to office works, including digitization of geological maps / sections, typing of manuscripts, monthly geo-bulletin publishing (Tortul) and preparation of poster proceedings.


English ÜDS 90 / 100 (March 2007)
KPDS 90 / 100 (May 2007)


  • Norges forskningsråd / The Research Council of Norway, October 2005 ? June 2006 eight months research scholarship.
  • Universitetet i Bergen Institutt for geovitenskap, February-March 2002, two months research scholarship.
  • Chamber of Turkish Geological Engineers, 1999 Intern Report Awards 1st prize



  • Paleogene Sedimentology of Boyabat Basin (Northern Turkey), 2004-still, Bergen-Ankara Universities collaboration; Professor Wojciech Nemec (project leader, UiB), E. Kırman, A. Ilgar, V. Özaksoy, M. Aldinucci, M. Ghinassi, C. Messina, J. Janocko
  • Sedimentology of Eşen Valley (Muğla, SW Turkey) Late Pleistocene clastics, 2004. University of Ankara; Nizamettin Kazancı (project leader), F. Uysal., C. Alçiçek and E. Kırman
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  • Geological Investigation of city of Düzce (Bolu, Turkey) For Selection of Alternative Accommodation Areas After 17th August Eartquake, 1999. TÜBİTAK Project (Ankara University – MTA), B. Varol, N. Kazancı, E. Gökten, R. Kılıç, I. Çemen, K. Kayabali, C. Alçiçek, K. Sözeri, Ö. İleri, A. Koçbay, P. Bilgehan, E. Kırman, K. Ulamis
  • ?Exploration Of The Shorelines of Black Sea Region By Remote Sensing?, 1999. TÜBİTAK Project (Project no: 198 Y 070), N. Kazancı, Ö. İleri, E. Kırman, K. Erturaç
  • “The Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Morphotectonics Of The Shore and Back Shore Deposits of The South Marmara Sea Region (NW
    Turkey)”,1998. Research Council Of Turkey) Project (Project no: 598/G), the part of “Formation of Lapseki (Çanakkale-NW Turkey) Spit”, N. Kazanci, C. Erkmen, E. Kırman, K. Erturaç


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  • Ankara, Town of Temelli; 573 / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Parcels Geological & Geotechnical Research with 150 m drilling; Employer: Özgün Matbaacilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., May 2001
  • Ankara, Yenimahalle, Yuva Village; 43116/1 Parcel Water Exploration (Geophysical Researchs) and 135 m Water Drilling Jobs; Employer: S.S. U. Oz Yuvam K.Y.K., March 2001
  • Çanakkale, Biga, Yesilkent Housing Area, 1:1000 Scale Digitization of Development Plan; Employer: Mavi Mühendislik Müs. Ins. Tur. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti., February 2001
  • Ankara, Yenimahalle, Yuva Village; 43116 / 1 Parcel Geological & Geotechnical Research with 60 m drilling; Employer: S.S. U. Oz Yuvam K.Y.K., January 2001
  • Ankara, Yenimahalle, Yuva Village; 43070 / 4 Parcel Geological & Geotechnical Research with 60 m drilling: S.S. U. Oz Yuvam K.Y.K, January 2001
  • Municipality of Biga (Çanakkale), Yesilkent Housing Area Geological & Geotechnical Research with 135 m drilling; Employer: Kent Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti., December 2000
  • Ankara, Çankaya, Mühye Village; 28062 / 3 Parsel Geological & Geotechnical Research with 30 m drilling; Employer: Cansin Insaat Ltd. Sti., November 2000
  • Mersin, Davultepe, 1:1000 Scale Digitization of Development Plan; Employer: Kaya Insaat Ltd. Sti., October 2000
  • Düzce, Çilimli, 1:1000 Scale Digitization of Development Plan; Employer: Mavi Mühendislik Müs. Ins. Tur. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti., September 2000


  • Sedimentology
  • Geographical information systems
  • Digital-oriented office and field geology applications, modelling
  • Geological heritage
  • Quaternary geology